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Edye K., Ph.D.
Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Reader and Author
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Edyek 1. Create miracles of Faith in One Soul.
Jackie - Dayton, Ohio
2. Loyalty and Integrity hallmark this Reader.
Ravin - Cincinnati, Ohio
3. Right on target.
Cynthia Joyce - Dayton
4. Heals the Soul in every aspect in her reading.
Mary - Ky
5. I never believed in telephone reading, but Edy made me a believer.
Robin - Iowa
6. I did not believe anyone could really/show what was happening in my life. But Edy read my soul. my inter feeling.
Michael - Indian
7. Edy is great. She did my reading on the telephone.
Twan - California
8. I have never seen anyone like Edy. She told me I was going to have twin, two weeks later I found out I was going to have a baby latter I found out it was going to be twins.
Beth - Wis
9. I never believed in telephone reading but Edy made me a believer by telling me things about my past and describe people in my life.
Jennifer - Mich
10. Edy reach deep down in me and told me things I had not own up to. Thins I had been hidden from teens, and pre teen years.
Sarah - Ca
11. When ever I need a reading I always call Edy. She is right on the mark.
Suzie - Ten
12. I do readings myself, but I turn to Edy for my reading. She is great she can describe people & condition around you.
Dianna - Fla
13. Edy made me a believer of her when she told me about the condition in my body. I now call her about all my major business plan. She is right on the money.
Annie - Chicago, Ill
14. When I was ready to move from one State to another, I called Edy and she told me what was best for me and helped me select the right area for my business.
Phillip - Nigeria
15. Edy told me about a woman on my job I need to watch. Before I knew her. She even told me what she looked like and she was out after my job.
Julie - Toronto Canada
16. Edy has been doing my readings by telephone for more than 4 years. She has been right. I have only had one reading by in in person. But many by telephone. Now she works with m y whole family.
Mary Ella - Washington, D.C.
17. Edy will always be my reader.
Barbara - Pen
18. Edy is like no other.
Marty - West Virginia

19. My sister came to Edy and she played her tape back to me over the telephone to me. There was so much detail I wanted on. I call her now for my reading.
Della - RI
20. I saw Edy on T.V. one evening and I had to go to the Fair she was at. She was great. Her energy was so wonderful.
VerneSt - Louis, Mo

21. Good God! Oh might! She is great.
Margaret - New York
22. The best reading I have ever had. Right on the money.
Angelea - Puerto Rico
23. Good Reading. The Best. She told me how to deal with my problem.
Jose - Mexico
24. I owe Edy my life. She saw problems with my business and told me I had danger around me. She was right.
Antony - Central America Honduras
Edye K., Ph.D.
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