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Edye K., Ph.D.
Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Reader and Author
Individual Readings * Parties * Phone Readings * Will Travel
I am  Edye K. Ph.D., a Spiritual, Intuitive, Soul, and Past Life Counselor/ Adviser.
I am here to help you:
  1. Understand what is happening in your life.
  2. Understand your choices.
  3. Make better choices.
  4. Help you see what is really holding you back from moving into the future.
  5. Visualize what maybe in the future for you.


Individual Readings * Parties * Phone Readings * Expo * Will Travel
The following is a brief explanation of my Intuitive Skills which I may use to access Spiritual Knowledge.
  • I am Clairvoyant, use to see pictures and images.  I can see things not apparent to others, like receiving a vision of events or a visual impression about a person.
  • I am Clairaudient, the ability to hear things that are outside the normal hearing range. This can be persons who have passed on or a spirit guide, and, angels.
  • I am  Clairsentient, use for receive impression that is more feeling in nature, also associated with this ability is called Empathy because I can feel the emotions of others.
  •  I am also a Medical Intuitive. A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who specializes in perceiving information concerning the human body.  Energetically read the insides of our bodies. This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment.  Unlike a psychic reading, a Medical Intuitive Reading provides a detailed anatomical and psychological profile of the Root Cause(s) or Core Imbalances. The Medical Intuitive traces an imbalance back to its source location (specific muscles, bones, organs, glands, chakras, aura) and time frame, when the client's body was unable to restore homeostasis through normal mechanisms. A Medical Intuitive Reading includes information about toxins, illness residues, physical injuries, imbalances caused by electro-magnetic fields (EMF), emotional holding patterns, and much more. A Medical Intuitive Reading also includes an action plan to empower the client's resolution or healing of the Root Cause of their condition, concern, complaint, or illness. 

    A Medical Intuitive Reading is not a Medical Diagnosis. Medical Intuitive Readings do not provide, or replace, medical diagnosis, which are based on a totally different evaluation and treatment model.

  • I am also a Mediumship/ Channeling. The ability to communicate with the spirit realm, and the ability to be a channel, vessel so a spirit energy can enter and use my body to communicate messages to the physical realm .
  • I also do Past Life Reading. I can provide knowledge from a previous lifetime to help you understand your current relationships, career and life choices.
  •  I also do Dream Interpretation, to help you unravel the deeper meaning behind your dream.
  • I also Read Cards (Cartomancy Cards, (regular desk of cards) Tarot Cards, Angle Cards, and other Cards. These cards give me a picture of your life (present, past, and future).
  • With my Spiritual Skills, I can help you answer questions of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

        .  I am  available for Expo, Private Readings, Gatherings, Parties, Readings by Phone.

  • I am also trained in Chakra Clearing and balancing, Kolaimni (Kolaimnist ) Practitioner/Teacher, and Reiki Master/Teacher.  I am also a teacher of Meditation and Prayer.

    I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapist, Future Life Progression, Spiritual Regression, and I am a Medical Intuition-Healing Intuitio

  • I am also a Certified Professional Coach.
  • Life Purpose Coach, Teen-Adult
  • Relationship Coach,  
  • Peak Performance/ Mental Skill 
  • Life Coach. Children-Adult 

  • Spiritual Enlightenment  
  • Family/Stepfamily Coach 
  • Fulfillment Life in Retirement Coach
  • . This can be done by telephone or in person.   For more information please contact me, and leave your name, telephone number, and a message, and I will return your call ASAP!
I have work with people in the following cities:

Akron, OH
AlbaNY New York,
Alburquerque, NM New Mexico
Alexandria, VA Virginia
Anaheim, CA California
Anchorage, AK Alaska
Ann Arbor, MI Michigan
Appleton, WI Wisconsin
Arlington, TX Texas
Aspen, CO Colorado
Atlanta, GA Georgia
Augusta, GA Georgia
Aurora, CO Colorado
Aurora, IL Illinois
Austin, TX Texas
Baltimore, MD Maryland
Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana                                                            Beavercreek, OH Ohio
Bellingham, WA Washington
Bellevue, WA Washington
Beverly HILL, CA California
Binghamton, NY New York
Birmingham, AL Alabama
Boise, ID Idaho
Boston, MA Massachusetts                                                                 Brookville, OH Ohio
Buffalo, NY New York
Burbank, CA California
Burlington, VT Vermont
CA Californianton,
Cedar Rapids, IA Iowa
Century City, CA California
Chandler, AZ Arizona
Charlotte, NC North Carolina
Charlottesville, VA Virginia
Charleston, SC South Carolina
Chattanooga, TN Tennessee
Chica, IL Illinois
Chula Vista, CA California
                                                                                  Clayton, OH Ohio
Cleveland, OH Ohio
Columbus, OH Ohio
Corpus Christi, TX Texas
Covington, KY Kentucky
Dallas, TX Texas
Dearborn, MI Michigan
Denver, CO Colorado
Des Moines, IA Iowa
Detroit, MI Michigan
Dothan, AL Alabama
Duluth, MN Minnesota
Durham, NC North Carolina
El Paso, TX Texas                                                                               Englewood, OH Ohio

Escondito, CA California
Eugene, OR Oregon
Evanston, IL Illinois
Evansville, IN Indiana
Fort Wayne, IN Indiana
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Florida
Ft. Myers, FL Florida
Garden Grove, CA California
Garland, TX Texas
Glendale, CA California
Grand Rapids, MI Michigan
Grandville , MI Michigan
Green Bay, WI Wisconsin
Greensboro, NC North Carolina
Greenville , NC South Carolina
Greenwich, CT Connecticut
Harrisburg, PA Pennsylvania
Hartford, CT Connecticut

Hialeah, FL
Hoboken, NJ New Jersey
Hollywood, CA California
Hollywood, FL Florida
Honolulu, HI Hawaii                                                                                     Huber Height, OH Ohio
Houston, TX Texas
Huntington Beach, CA California
Huntsville, AL Alabama
Indianapolis, IN Indiana
Irvine, CA California
Jackson, MS Mississippi
Jacksonville , FL Florida
Kalamazoo, MI Michigan
Kansas City, MO Missouri                                                              Kettington,OH Ohio
King of Prussia, PA Pennsylvania
Knoxville , TN Tennessee
La Jolla, CA California
Lakewood, CO Colorado
Lanca, PA Pennsylvania
Lansing, MI Michigan
Las Vegas, NV Nevada
Lexington, KY Kentucky
Little Rock, AR Arkansas
Long Beach, CA California
Los Angeles, CA California
Louisville , KY Kentucky
Lubbock, TX Texas
Madison, WI Wisconsin
Manchester, NH New Hampshire                                                               Maraine, OH Ohio
Martha's Vineyard, MA Massachusetts
McLean, VA Virginia
Memphis, TN Tennessee
Mesa, AZ Arizona
Miami, FL Florida                                                                         Miamisburg,OH Ohio
Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin
Mobille, AL Alabama
Monterey, CA California
Montgomery, AL Alabama
Montvale, NJ New Jersey
Morgantown, WV West Virginia
Mountain View, CA California
Muskegon, MI Michigan
Myrtle Beach, SC South Carolina
Napa Valley, CA California
Nashville, TN Tennessee
New Haven, CT Connecticut                                                                         New Lebanon, OH Ohio
New Orleans, LA Louisiana
New York City, NY New York
Newark, NJ New Jersey
Newport Beach, CA California
Newport News, VA Virginia
Norfolk, VA Virginia
Novi, MI Michigan
Oakland, CA California                                                                     Oakwood,OH Ohio
Oceanside, CA California
Ogden, UT Utah
Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma
Orlando, FL Florida
Omaha, NE Nebraska
Orange, CA California
Palm Beach, FL Florida
Palm Harbor, FL Florida
Palm Springs CA California
Palo Alto, CA California
Pasadena, CA California
Pensacola, FL Florida
Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA Pennsylvania
Phoenix, AZ Arizona
Plano, TX Texas
Pomona, CA California
Portland, ME Maine
Portland, OR Oregon
Princeton, NJ New Jersey
Raleigh, NC North Carolina
Reno, NV Nevada
Richmond, VA Virginia
Roanoke, VA Virginia
Rochester, MN Minnesota
Rochester, NY New York
Rockville, MD Maryland
Saginaw, MI Michigan
Sacramento, CA California
Salt Lake City, UT Utah
San Antonio, TX Texas
San Diego, CA California
San Francisco, CA California
San Juan, PR Puerto Rico
San Jose, CA California
Santa Ana, CA California
Santa Barbara, CA California
Santa Clara, CA California
Santa Fe, NM New Mexico
Santa Monica , CA California
Sarasota, FL Florida
Savannah, GA Georgia
Scottsdale, AZ Arizona
Scranton, PA Pennsylvania
Seattle, WA Washington
Sioux City, IA Iowa
South Bend, IN Indiana
Spokane, WA Washington
Springfield, IL Illinois
Springfield, MA Massachusetts
St. Louis, MO Missouri
St. Paul, MN Minnesota
St. Petersburg, FL Florida
Stamford, CT Connecticut
Syracuse, NY New York
Tacoma, WA Washington
Tallahassee, FL Florida
Tampa, FL Florida
Telluride, CO Colorado
Tempe, AZ Arizona
Troy, MI Michigan
Toronto CA CaliforniaN                                                                    TROTWOOD,OH Ohio
Tulsa, OK Oklahoma
Tuscon, AZ Arizona
Warren, MI Michigan
Washington, DC District of Columbia                                                                       West Carrollton, OH Ohio
West Palm Beach, FL Florida
Wichita, KS Kansas
Williamsburg, VA Virginia
Wilmington, NC North Carolina
Winston-Salem, NC North Carolina
Worcester, MA Massachusetts
York, PA Pennsylvania
Youngstown, OH Ohio
Edye K., Ph.D.
Phone: 937-262-9912 Email:
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