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Edye K., Ph.D.
Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Reader and Author
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Psychic Parties

Want to get a reading but no time to make it to a show? Are you thinking of finding something new and different to do with your friends? Try a psychic party - it's like having your own personal psychic expo. Psychic Parties are fun, positive, enlightening experience, Uplifting, Life enhancing, Gentle, and of a lot of FUN.
Everyone gets 15 minutes with me to explore his or her concerns and questions. All sessions come with a complementary tape, to ensure the client can review information at her leisure.
YOU, as hostess, receive a special gift. A minimum of six participants for a party
Individual Reading at Parties  $60.00 per person,(30 minutes) minimum 6 people. There is no maximum limit for your guest. 15 minutes reading can also be done too. $35.00
Note: The above rates are for group sessions located within a 100 mile radius of  Dayton, Ohio.  (Cincinnati, Columbus,Ohio)   Bookings for group sessions outside of this geographical area require a minimum of 9 people. Also require that the group booking the party, to assist  Edye' K. Ph.D with expense to help cover the cost of travel/ lodging.
A few host requirements for you to create the atmosphere:
  • Light refreshments.
  • A card table and a couple of comfortable chairs set up
  • Well-lighted location AWAY from the main party
  • As the party host, you are expected to collect the money from each person so  Edye' K. Ph.D. can concentrate on the readings. All major credit cards are accepted.
  • Please let me know if the reading is for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • Please book at least two week in advance.
  • Please confirm 2 days prior to the party to make sure you have enough people to make up the (6 people)*(9 people)
Edye' K. Ph.D. does parties, corporate events, graduations, college events, high school events, birthday parties, beach parties, promotional events, women?s clubs, anniversary special girls night, bachelor's party, seasonal party, Halloween parties, TV and radio station remotes, country clubs, charity balls, and so on.
You have no place to have a psychic party, but you still wont to have one? Please give Edye' K.Ph.D. a call and she maybe able to help you. Telephone Psychic Party Host a party of 6 or more and you will receive a free reading. This is how you will earn your free reading. A hostess/host would plan and set a home party, and invite a minimum of 6 guests to attend. I will call your party at a per set time. You do not have the cost of the telephone call, if you are in the U.S.A. Your responsible as the host/hostess. To get the full payment for the party, and mail it to me before the party. Credit cards are accepted for the party payment. $60.00 for 30 minutes time slot. $35.00 for 15 minutes time slot .  I would like to have a list of who will be at your party. Fist name And what type of reading the person would like to have. Your guest will need a private setting for their telephone session.  If you have friends or relatives that will not be able to attend your party, But would like a reading, Place there name on your list and provide me with there telephone number. And the time to reach them You are still responsible for there payment. If one of your quest books a party, you will receive a FREE session.
Edye K., Ph.D.
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