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Edye K., Ph.D.
Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Reader and Author
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I am Edye' K.Ph.D., a Spiritual, Intuitive, Soul, and Past Live Counselor/Adviser.
I am here to help you.

Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Reading, Soul Reading,and Past Life Reading

What is Spiritual Counseling?
Spiritual counseling is about invoking higher guidance to point out your soul's path and guide you to realigning your energies and daily activities accordingly. It is designed you help you to view and make sense of your life from a spiritual perspective, which is often different from a physical, day-to-day perspective. It is a positive, creative approach and is designed to help you turn life's "adversities" into valuable spiritual and personal growth tools. In addition to this, it's about helping you to tune into your own spiritual guidance so that you may begin to find your own answers and in so doing, fulfill your life purpose. The initial reading also covers overcoming difficulties in your life through seeing the higher perspective and gaining greater understanding of the purpose behind current events in your life.  Generally speaking, a reading is a session providing information you may or may not be consciously aware of. It is my belief that we are spiritual beings, who, for a time, reside in a physical body. I refer to our work as Spiritual Readings because the focus of the reading deals with everyday life and human nature, while recognizing your spiritual nature. It is often helpful when dealing with everyday occurrences to be reminded of your spiritual essence and to begin to see your life circumstances with a broader perspective.  The principles used in the counseling sessions are based on Universal Laws rather than those espoused by individual religions. While the interpretation of these laws may vary from one religion to religion, they do form the basis of most religions.

What is Intuition?
It simply means accessing information through "switching off" the outer senses and instead tuning into and utilizing the subtler inner senses. In so doing, one is able to tune into the subtler realms and access information which is usually not available or discernible to the conscious mind when relying on the external senses. Intuition or psychic is accessed in many forms with clairvoyance (seeing with the inner eye), clairsentience (feeling/ reading energy with the inner sense) and clairaudience (hearing with the inner ear) included amongst them. Everybody is has this ability within them and it is a skill which is easily honed.

What is the difference between intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Counseling?
Intuitive Reading, does not necessarily deal with life events from a spiritual perspective. It simply implies that intuition or psychic abilities have been used by the reader in order to access information required for the session. My counseling sessions however incorporate both the intuitive and spiritual perspective

What is a Soul Reading?


A Soul Reading is an opportunity to touch into and connect with yourself at the Soul level. We each are here at this time in order to bring our own very special, unique, and wonderful array of "gifts" on the earth. We each have something truly magnificent to express in this lifetime. But our conditioning muddies our perception of ourselves and we wallow around in the quicksand of our limiting beliefs, fears, illusions, and patterns.

Soul reading allows you to realize how you are existing on many levels. I tap into the experience of the soul whether it is past life, childhood, or other worldly. The soul in us is that which experiences and carries the energy of these memories from one time experience to the next. From the subconscious to the super-conscious mind. At this level you can gain insight into what your lessons and challenges are that you came here to learn, and where your life?s path needs to flow for your Souls highest growth. There are seven bodies within our aura known as our Subtle They relates to particular levels: physical, enteric, astral, mental, spiritual, cosmic and nirvanas. The first three relate to our personality levels and the last four to our spiritual levels.  Each of the seven bodies has seven different levels or sub levels, the vibratory rates of which correspond to the seven main bodies. All levels are interrelated; as what affects one affects the others.
If we have problems in the emotional level in the physical body we will have problems also at the emotional level in the emotional, astral, mental, spirit bodies (these correspond with the Seven Chakras).  The seven chakras are: 1st. Root, 2nd.Navel, 3rd.Solar Plexus, 4th Heart, 5th Throat, 6th Third Eye, 7th Crown

When I tune into you during your reading I can see where your chakras are out of balance, where there may be fears or problems, from this life and possibly other past lives, which may also be locked or blocked at particular levels.  Our psychological state and belief system has a specific relationship to one or more of our chakras and has a direct influence on the flow of energy in these centers; this can block the free flow of chi (life energy) in our charka system, subtle bodies and entire energy field, and the physical body causing illness. To clear any of these issues you can benefit to have an aura/charka balancing healing, or /and a Past Life Regression  session.

It is also true that release or cleansing at one level will facilitate release or cleansing at its corresponding level in the other bodies.  The ultimate goal is for all to be cleansed and in harmony, at which point we have our greatest power and sense of well-being.

A Soul Reading is an opportunity to touch into and connect with yourself at the Soul level. We each are here at this time in order to bring our own very special, unique, and wonderful array of "gifts" on the earth. We each have something truly magnificent to express in this lifetime. But our conditioning muddies our perception of ourselves and we wallow around in the quicksand of our limiting beliefs, fears, illusions, and patterns.

Insights From Soul Readings

The kind of information that comes up in a soul reading is along the lines of (but not limited to):

  • learning your life purpose
  • who/what your spirit guides are
  • past life/future life insights
  • karmic patterns/progress
  • spiritual strengths
  • information on your health and chakra system
  • dream symbols
  • contact with loved ones who have passed on
  • soul mate insights and soul group connections in current relationships

Who Benefits from Soul Readings

Soul Readings can be helpful and eye-opening for almost anyone of any age from every walk of life who is curious to have a deeper awareness of themselves and their life's purpose. The information from the soul perspective sheds incredibly useful and practical light on everything from relationship issues, health challenges, and unexplained fears and other emotional difficulties, choosing where to live, and finding ideal work situations.

A soul reading touches you right in the heart; it uplifts and opens you to the beauty and wisdom of your soul. It clarifies mental and emotional patterns that block you and helps to understand them and yourself better. The reading explains how to integrate and release these patterns, so you can grow spiritually and consciously. If you really work with the given information your creativity and opportunities for life-fulfillment will open up and slowly start to flow back into your life. Depending on how deep your soul is tucked away you may need time to make changes happen.

 Soul Readings

Soul Readings are available for individuals, and children.

For Your Children

These Soul Readings reveal who they are at a soul level so that you can consciously hold the loving context for your children to become who they intend to be. This includes supporting your child's natural talents and helping them deal constructively with their karmic challenges (without trying to solve their challenges for them or taking their struggles personally). The Reading will also clarify why they are with you (whether or not you are the birth parents), and what your soul intends to learn from their presence in your lives. If your child is old enough and interested, I can do the Soul Reading for them directly. If the Reading is just for your information, I will ask the child's soul for permission to share this sacred information before I proceed. Many people enjoy having a Soul Reading for their children when they are born, in order to be more conscious parents from the beginning.

What is Meant by a Past Life Reading

Have you experienced d?j? vu or dreamed of an historical place that seemed too real

Psychics who offer Past Life Readings can help you explore experiences and knowledge you may have gained in past lives.

Past life experiences can influence present-day behaviors, decisions, attractions and aversions. Enhance your journey in this life by exploring your past lives with our Psychics. Past Life Readings are based on the belief in reincarnation.  Those who believe in reincarnation believe that our soul comes back over and over in an attempt to reach perfection or the god-head.
  • Have you met someone that you swear you have known before but just can?t place it?
  •  Do you feel like you have been here before?
  • Is there a certain place on earth you are attracted to, even if you have never seen it?
  • Do you have issues with people close to you that simply can not be explained by anything that happened in the past as you know it?
  • Are there patterns in your life or in your relationships with people that keep repeating themselves no matter what you do?
  • A past life reading can shed light on your questions and help you understand and deal with any residual karma you may be experiencing in this life time.

In a Past Life Reading, I will look into the past lifetimes that are affecting you and tell you what occurred. Each Past Life Reading will cover several different lifetimes which are connected to the issue you want to investigate.  Usually you will see a specific theme running through the different lifetimes. 

It is up to your Angels and Guides how much information is given to me for each lifetime. Sometimes the information will be very detailed, but many times I am only given the information about that lifetime that you need to know at the moment. Your Angels and Guides know what is most important for you to know about each past lifetime. These things are important because unresolved issues, especially the emotional issues, that are carried from one lifetime to another can be either impediments or guideposts on your individual life-path. Past life readings open a window into previous lives to gain insight into the journey of your soul. You've probably experienced being female and male, black and white, big and small, gay and straight, rich and poor... All these experiences are stored in and around your aura, your spiritual energy system.

These past life experiences can still affect you in this lifetime. You probably know there are some things that feel familiar and easy to you. You might naturally be good at certain things, but you don't really know why or how you developed these gifts and abilities. A clear example is gifted children who can play the piano, solve math problems, or spell words beyond a level that could have been learned in this lifetime only.

On the other hand, you probably have certain fears or hang-ups--there are some things which disturb you which just can't be explained. For example, maybe you are afraid of having people walk behind you, even though it's never been a problem in this lifetime. Or maybe you're scared of dogs even though you've never been bitten. In a past life reading, I can open a window into the previous life experience. I can see who you were, where you were, what you were doing, who else was there, how you felt about what was going on, etc. It can be very meaningful and healing, to have someone else validate you in this way, as a soul-in-journey.
Often we need to work through more difficult past life experiences. If a lot of emotional baggage has been carried through from another life time, it can continue to create many problems in this life.  Once you identify the source of the issue, it is easier to work through, release the block and move on with life.

 What Are Readings Good For?
 Chakra system
 Distance Healing- Clearing and Balancing. Aura Subtle Bodies, Kundilini and Chakra.
 Past Life Regression- Hypnosis
 Using Regression for Physical, Emotional,and Spiritual Healing. Past Life Regression, Present Life Regression, Future Life Progression,and Spiritual Regression
 Reincarnation,and Karma
 Medical Intuition -Healing Intuition. Distance
 Prayer and Spiritual Healing
Edye K., Ph.D.
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